Details & costs

Dates 3 day tournament: Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday the 16th of June 2019
The tournament starts Friday at 16:00.
Venue Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam
Burgerweeshuispad 54
1076 EP Amsterdam
Phone +31 20-3058305
Fax +31 20-3058300
Format 16 Teams, 2 leagues, 5 matches per team
Rules Official IWRF-rules:
  • 8.0 points per team
  • 4x8 minutes per match
  • 0.5 bonus points for female players
  • players must have an official classification
with the following modifications:
  • tied score: "Over time with golden Goal": The Over Time is started with a tip-off in the centre circle. The team that is the first to score its second goal (Golden Goal) during the over time is the winner of the match. There is no additional time out for the overtime. The clock is set to a new 8 minute period at the beginning of the overtime. The clock is operated as usual.
    -In the final: over-time period(s)
No glue The use any kind of glue on your sport chair wheels or your gloves is strictly forbidden! Your chairs will be checked before the game. The penalty for using glue is disqualification and the floor cleaning fine.
minimal team size Your team must bring at least have 5 players to the tournament. This is to limit the risk of disqualification should one of the players drop out during or just before the tournament.
Organizer Amsterdam Terminators
Shannon Karremans,
Bank account IBAN: NL93INGB0005509595 in the name of Amsterdam Terminators
BIC/Swift code: INGBNL2A
Registration Ultimately February 1, 2019

A registration only becomes definitive when the payments for the entire team have been received on our bank account.
The total amount must be received on our bank account within 21 days after registration, otherwise your registration will be cancelled.
Tournament fee
Registered beforeFee
January 1, 2019Player = 80 €, Support = 40 €
February 1, 2019Player = 95 €, Support = 40 €
February 15, 2019Player = 110 €, Support = 45 €

This fee includes:
tournament brochure, t-shirt,
dinner on Saturday evening,
lunch packages on Saturday and Sunday

There is no refund for cancellations after May 1, 2019.

When registering for the tournament do not forget to indicate which team members stay in the tournament hotel.

New Hotel The AQRT organisation expects to use the new Olympia Hotel for our teams. This hotel is 100 meters away from the sports venue so transport by van between hotel and venue is not needed. All teams must use this hotel. The price for a double room is 180 euro per night including breakfast.
Note: This hotel is still being build and is expected to open April 2019. Should the hotel for some reason not be finished in time then our 2 backup hotels are used for the teams. These are Corendon City Vitality Hotel and a&o Amsterdam Zuidoost.
Airport transportation fee
Transportation from Schiphol airport to your hotel and back to Schiphol airport again. 17,50 € per person
Referees Each team must bring at least one referee.
The team must cover the travel expenses for the referee(s).
Referees don't have to pay the tournament fee and they can stay without costs in the tournament Hotel Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In case the referee stays in another hotel, we will refund 45 € per stayed night with a maximum of 3 nights.
Every referee receives 15 € per match.

Should a team not be able to bring a referee, a 500 € penalty is charged.

Transportation For teams arriving by plane at Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol), we have transportation for 17,50 euro per person (retour) available. Please send your flight and accommodation details as soon as possible.

Should your team (or a team member) insist on staying in an other hotel than the tournament hotel, than you have to arrange the transport between hotel and sports venue yourself.

Disclaimers All mentioned dates and amounts are subject to changes.

Participation to the Amsterdam Quad Rugby Tournament as a player, referee or support is at your own risk. The organization is not responsible for any physical injury acquired during the tournament or the costs involved. The organization is not responsible for any damage or loss to personal belongings.